Well, I’ve just undertaken the only kind of facelift I’ll ever have: a digital and conceptual one. Firstly, the digital: I’ve migrated to WordPress. So, you’ll see alot more functionality, like categories on posts and (coming soon) subscription. I have to finish the categories, and add more resources, but there are plenty of new items to feast your cross-media minds on. Also, I haven’t been able to migrate the comments (which isn’t a big deal as I don’t have many!). I’ll be entering them manually.

The second facelift: conceptual. After many months contemplating the shift I’ve made the framing switch from ‘cross-media storytelling’ to ‘cross-media entertainment’ (CME). These are the reasons:

  • The phenomenon I’m looking at involves properties|franchises|works that have components that are traditional narratives & games. ‘Storytelling’ implies I’m looking at the traditional narratives only.
  • CME are experienced/realised by audiences through narrativisation and gameplay. Once again, storytelling implies the former only.
  • CME puts the focus on the form of ‘entertainment’ in general.
  • CME is more accessible for industries and disciplines.

I will keep the URL, I still love it, but if you use that address it will forward you here. Also, I should note that the narrative aspects of CME will be the focus of my academic research (my PhD). So ‘polymorphic narrative‘ is still relevant too. Hope you enjoy the new-look site and resources. Please feel free to contact me with your own suggestions for inclusion.

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