CFP: Cross-Media Interaction Design (I'm coming to Sweden!)

The first International Conference on Cross Media Interaction Design is happening. And I’ll be one of the keynotes!! Wohoo, I’m coming to Sweden! 

CMID ´07 – 1st International Conference on Cross Media Interaction  Design


Keynote speakers:
*Professor *Liam Bannon*, *Limerick University, Ireland

**Christy Dena*, *University of Sydney, Australia

Call for papers

CMID ´07 is the first international conference on cross-media interaction design. The conference will bring together researchers  and practitioners from a wide range of areas to address questions  related to cross media design, new media landscapes and media- oriented interaction studies.

Hemavan, Sweden

March, 22-25, 2007


The modern media landscape is a mixture of applications, platforms  and media blended with advanced navigational structures in support of various kinds of activities including marketing, gaming,  collaboration, blogging, and much more. The web as a media platform  is becoming more and more focal. More and more often, web sites  employ the cross-media concept; they include a wide range of media,  such as television, chat, or mobile SMS and MMS.

Cross-media, media convergence, experience design, funology,  affective computing, emotional design etc. are concepts that are  becoming increasingly popular in modern interaction design. However,  cross media interaction design is not solely about the web. Games,  mobile phones, iPods, media players and other mobile devices also  play a big part in this new era of communicating and sharing our  media content to others in the world.

The aim of this conference is at improving our understanding of interaction design as a cross-media activity without boundaries, an understanding that takes into account interaction intense user experiences.

Topics of relevance may include, but are not limited to:

– Cross-media interaction design studies
– Cases illustrating the web as a cross-media platform
– Theoretical frameworks that address identified issues in relation to experience design and usability for the web or other media.
– Interaction studies of cross-media concepts addressing, for  instance, user behaviour, choice of interaction platform, interaction  content etc.
– Cultural aspects of cross-media interaction design
– Critical reflections on cross-media interaction design



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