Admin Update: What's Happening?

Hello! Sorry for the break in transmission. I intended this site to be a place for sharing design information and thought that with my concentration on finishing my PhD, that podcasts would be a quick and simple option. I’ve since realised that podcasts actually take more time and effort than a post and so will be doing some posts in between the podcast gaps. I’m inspired to share more because what I think the area of multi-platform/transmedia/cross-media/360/integrated content needs most now is:

  • rigorous research
  • talented practitioners
  • informed reporting and reviewing
  • production infrastructures
  • funding and revenue streams
  • measuring technologies and strategies

Research is slowly emerging from specially-tasked academic groups such as the recent ”Crossmedia Experience Learning Laboratory” at the Research Center for Communication and Journalism, Hogeschool Utrecht (Jak Boumans has written on the introductory lecture and book by Harry van Vliet here and here); the Convergence Culture Consortium at MIT”s Comparative Media Studies program, and some forthcoming PhDs by researchers such as Marc Ruppel and…myself!

Measurement is moving ahead slowly but surely, especially with the guidance of the Media Measurement Integration Task Force (MMITF). Funding and revenue streams are influx and in some cases undecided. Reporting is still a problem as many journalists and reviewers assess according to (understandably) their own media awareness and in many cases according to an inappropriate 1980s franchise-logic. Production companies are experimenting with different ways to work with consultants, creatively-control licensing and encourage collective efforts internally between various departments (Mark Deuze’s book on ”Media Work” provides some interesting information on these approaches).

But this site hopes to assist the development of practitioners. The scope is design techniques and strategies on distribution, adaptation, repurposing, transmedia expansions, technologically-connected gaming and arts learnt from film, TV, books, gaming, theatre, radio and art; voiced from practitioners, researchers and strategists from mass entertainment, marketing, independent art and gaming; at locations all around the globe. I believe we”ll all get better at it once we share more.

So, I’m interested in your lessons, techniques and ideas. Rather than general descriptions though, I encourage articles that address a specific design issue…that drill down. And rather than talk about just what is known, let’s also explore possibilities. I’ll be sharing some of my understandings, but I’d love it if you sent through ideas you have for articles too. Short 750-1,000 word pieces addressing a topic or posts that explore what you’d like to see. Email me your thoughts. Take your time, I know you”re busy and probably blog-shy. We”ve got plenty of time to change the world. 🙂

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