URL being held ransom

I have had the unluckiest thing happen. My www.crossmediastorytelling.com domain expired without me being notified. It was subsequently taken by a company who now want at least $200USD for it. I cannot believe this has happened, especially with Max’s book just out and my domain name for CMS all through it! I only just changed to cross-mediaentertainment a month or so ago and just redirected all the CMS traffic to here. Not everyone knows, yet, that I’ve changed domain names, and some people won’t until they enter CMS. I had always intended to keep both running anyway (two points-of-entry). And now they never will know. I am furious and frustrated. The company who manages my domain name, registerfly, hasn’t got back to me (I received email notifications everyone of my domain name except this time). I will always autorenew now.

I feel so sad. I’ve lost a digital child. 🙁

All is good! They’ve given my URL back! Yay! 🙂

2 thoughts on “URL being held ransom

  1. Christy–

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. I do indeed appreciate you “finding” me, although the blog that you posted on is, was, and will probably forever be defunct (assuming, of course, that it was ever functional). Anyways, I’m very much in the process of preparing a couple of articles for possible publication, as well as tweaking an PPT presentation I did for my exams (on cross-siting) for self-publication (Grand Text Auto or the like). I”m actually really intrigued by quite a bit of what you’re doing, and think there’s a good deal of synergy between our stuff. I’ll keep you posted on my work. I hope you do the same! Cheers, Christy.

  2. Hello Marc!
    Great to hear from you. I was wondering what was happening with Triggers — I thought you were off-line doing lots of writing and reading. Well, I’ve changed your link back to Things and will catch up on your posts. I so look forward to reading your papers and I’ll be putting some out this year too, so you can finally read a bit about my ideas. 🙂

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