Some Links on Kids Entertainment

I’ve been asked from a few sources about what works I’ve come across that are Quality Kids Entertainment. The following is a list of such works, however, many I have not viewed first-hand (TV shows) and so I cannot attest to their quality. Just about all, however, I’ve read reviews on or noticed they’ve won awards, or I think they’re innovative. They are also for different age groups.

Degrassi (Can)

Angela Anaconda (Can)

This is Daniel Cook (Can)

‘To Love Veronica Bee’ is a book by Sarah Boland that has an accompanying
website that readers can contribute too. It is not available OS but I
think it is a good example of a cross-media work using print. (Aus)

Noah and Saskia (Aus)
Noah and Saskia Teaching Guide

BBC’s Jamie Kane (UK)

ABC’s My Playground (Aus)

BBC’s Ceebies (UK)

Noggin (US)

Eye to Eye (UK)

Winged Sandals (aus)

Canadian Geographic’s Kid’s Atlas (Can)

SFU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology’s Journey to a New Land (Can)

Kids’ CBC (Can)

Brady Beasts (Can)

ABC’s Long Journey, Young Lives (Aus)
SBS’s Swapping Lives (Aus)

There are others that I’ve forgotten I’m sure, so please let me know of any you suggest.

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