Religion replaces Sex in Disruption Power

From the Convergence Newsletter, vol. IV, no. 8. (March 7, 2007):

This research uncovers evidence that religion and religious imagery used in advertising over the past few years are commanding the kind of surprise and shock value that once was reserved for sex. […]

If sex no longer shocks, and advertisers need to shock to break through clutter, they are certainly finding it in religion. Over the last decade, TV advertising in particular has increasingly turned to religious imagery to cut through the clutter and command an audience. Through a media search, literature review, and qualitative analysis, the study finds that the use of religious imagery is on the rise, and that the way religious symbols are used is becoming more dramatic and controversial.

Karen Mallia presented this research at USC’s Convergence and Society: Ethics, Religion and New Media held October 19- 21, 2006. Contact Karen for a copy of the complete paper:

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