Podcasts of LAMP talks avail

Some of the talks from the Laboratory of Advanced Media Production (LAMP: a cross-media lab) are now available as a podcast. The talks so far include:

Making a drama out of cross platform – Jim Shomos and Paul Baiguerra (talking about Forget the Rules)

Diverged technology, converged people, new stories – Christy Dena (me, not my title by the way!)

New Roads, New Directions, New Markets – Gary Hayes (the Director of LAMP)

New markets for cross-media – David Gurney (talking about his animations 4 mobile phones)

Piracy is good? – Mark Pesce (talk given earlier but nevertheless applicable)

Building bridges, the new producer – Sohail Dahdal (producer of Long Journey, Young Lives and Swapping Lives)

I cringe when I hear myself, and please remember that my talk was cross-media (I had a visual presentation at the same time). But anyway, better to share. There is some interesting info from all the speakers.

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