Killer Work

Thanks to Drew for passing this on to me.

A television soap in the US has flirted outrageously with cross-media by producing a novel. The novel is written by a character in the TV series and is referred to and launched in the series! I love this.

The book, The Killing Club, is brought out by Hyperion Books. Marcie Walsh, a character in the series is even credited on the publisher website, alongside real life author Michael Malone. Apparently in the TV series, One Life to Live, Marice refers to her past and how it would make a good novel. She then goes on to launch the book on the series. You can read an excerpt of the novel online.

They even describe ways in which the relationship between the book and the Tv series can be discussed in a book club.

There are 2 other works mentioned in the NYTimes article, one of which is Stephen King’s Rose Red TV series and a diary in the series.

I’ll be adding these to my preferred cross-media works list.

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