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Henry at NMC in Second LifeApologies for the late notice, but there has been an amazing week of events happening in Second Life. The New Media Consortium has been holding a 12 day Impact of Digital Media Symposium. The pic you see is an event I attended last night for the MacArthur Foundation press conference in to announce their $50 million investments to support programs in digital media (Building the Field of Digital Media and Learning). What was great is that they televised us in SL to the screens in the press conference as well, and took questions from us. Here is a post at NMC on the event. There are lots of pics of the event here, including many of Anya (the blonde) and a few with me in them (the black-haired chick with pink bows). hehe. Anyway, on Oct 20th at 7am (US time) Slate Night Magazine (the SL arts and entertainment magazine I write for) is having a special session. Here is the run-down from i-Anya’s blog:

* The Avatar as Communication – Dr Angela Thomas, Sydney University (Anya Ixchel, editor of Slatenight)

* Fashion parade: Fashioning the Avatar (showcasing the range of unique identities in SL)

* Remediation of the Art Space in SLChristy Dena, Sydney University (Lythe Witte, writer for Slatenight)

* Music in Second Life: Panel Discussion and Live Music – with Silas Scarborough, ZeroOne Paz, Mel Cheeky, Cybster Curtis and Billy Thunders (Cletis Carr)

* Future Perfect: Projections forward to an even better world – Dell Wilberg (creative designer of Slatenight)

* Engaging the Disengaged: Using SL to Revitalize the Undergraduate ClassroomDanielle Mirliss and Heidi Trotta, Seton Hall University, NY (Danielle Damone and Heidi TeeCee, writers for Slatenight)

If you have Second Life downloaded already, and are a member of the NMC guests group (to access the NMC sim you need to be a guest of the group), here is the SLURL.

For a list of ongoing posts about the many other symposium events (including a talk with Howard Rheingold!), check the NMC Observer.  

The full schedule of the events is here. Oct 21st has Howard Rheingold!! Hope to ‘see’ you inworld! IM me if you’re having trouble figuring out how to get there. 🙂

2 thoughts on “InWorld Conference: come on in!

  1. It was great fun, Christy. Too bad it was a bit late for aussies, because you missed an interesting talk by Dell about the future of SL and virt.real. in general.

  2. Hello Alex! I know! I hated having to leave early, but I’m about to go out the door for a radio interview that I had already postponed before. And I had to get some sleep. I so hope Dell’s talk is podcast. But I’ll miss out on his presentation side of things which I’m sure would of been wonderful too. I’ll ask him what the future of SL and virt.real. is!! Thanks for taking the time to come by Alex!

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