In-Game Advertising: the V-Lodge model

A while ago I was invited to join the community at V-Lodge. V-Lodge is created by Sergey Salomakhin and Mikhail Zislis. Here is their description:

Our project for in-game advertising, V-Lodge, works from the following assumptions:

* A new approach to in-game advertising is required, “virtual billboards” arent’ doing any good! This goes for both advertisers and gamers.
* A place for direct business communication between gamedev and advertising worlds is needed to build a civilized market in this area.
* The demand for quality information, for new concepts and ideas for this market, is obvious.

We have created an online meeting place for players in this business that serves simultaneously as a business platform and an informational resource. Currently we are inviting advertisers, game developers, technology providers, and consultants to join our club.

I find the model interesting, but am also impressed by their articles on their Method for in-game advertising and the history of in-game ads. What they call “in-context” advertising is akin to “in-game” and “in-story” approaches that we see in just about every format possible now. The history is mighty interesting too. I asked Sergey if it was OK to blog about their project and this is his response:

We believe that in-game advertising is widely misused, and our hope is to change this situation. We see no need in crippling games and irritating players. Obviously, with wider coverage we will achieve this faster.

I like a good mission.

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