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I’ve mentioned the number website that is an extension of the TV series Lost, but there are a whole lot more that have been put out by the producers of the show. This series has been screened in many countries:

Australia – Channel 7
Austria – Pilot premiered October 6, 2004 on pay channel Premiere
Canada – A special two-hour premiere (Pilots Parts 1 and 2 back-to-back) aired on Saturday, October 2 at 8 p.m. ET, 2004 on CTV.
France – a lot of interest shown from this country (4 french websites about “Lost”). So expected showing sometime.
Germany – Pilot premiered October 6, 2004 on pay channel Premiere
Hong Kong – AXN ASIA TV
New Zealand – Pilot aired on 2nd Feb, 2005 on TV2
Phillippines – AXN ASIA TV
South Korea – expected showing on some TV channel here since Jin & Sun are both Korean and speak Korean in the pilot.
Thailand – AXN ASIA TV
U.K. – Pilot airs 2005? on Channel 4
US – Part 1 of pilot aired Sept 22nd, 2004 on ABC
[Source: Lost Survivors]

Recently the Oceanic Airlines website delivered what is called ‘Easter Eggs’ — surprises hidden in the webpages. You’ll notice there is some text behind sections of the front webpage. You can reveal the hidden text by checking the code or scrolling over the page. There is also a hidden image in the same area that is a picture of a page of the TV show script. The scene description gives details about the monster. On the seating chart page there is also a nifty thing to do: key in the numbers (4, 8,15,16,23,42) and you’ll get a viewing of the trailer for the next season. Once you view that you’ll be rewarded with another surprise: another site.

There is also a primary site, Lost Links, that has links to just about anything to do with the show — in-game and not. My favourite sites are those that provide access to items that bring me closer to the storyworld — for example, close ups of the maps used by the characters in the show. The discussion forums, of which there are many, are not that interesting for me. I want to figure out stuff myself and I find them full of spoilers.

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