Epilogue to 'Creating Alternate Realities' in Space Time Play

I received my copy of Space Time Play the other day. Wohoo! It is a great looking book with a great mix of short pieces, with some games listed that I haven’t heard of before. Cool. There are a few errors, however, in my short article that I missed due to not being attentive enough during the editing process:

  1. The first sentence says ‘Augmented Reality Games’ and not ‘Alternate Reality Games’. sigh. I didn’t have that in my original text obviously, but it was in the editors version that was sent to me –which I didn’t catch. 🙁
  2. I refer to Perplex City as a perpetual ARG — which it was at the time of writing.
  3. I do not cite the photographer of the Sammeeeees photograph: SpaceBass. I’ve sent an apology to SpaceBass.
  4. I do not make it clear that the Google map of Perplex City created by Daffy was an assemblage of the maps provided at the back of Mind Candy’s Perplex City cards.

Doh! These are the ramifications of being too busy. No more though, I’ve reduced my efforts down to a manageable volume and everything is improving because of it. Other than these errors, I hope you enjoy the article. It was written at the request of the editors, with specific topics they wanted me to cover. I tried to fit in as much information as I could about this wonderful contemporary form: ARGs. If you haven’t ordered the book yet, I encourage you to do so: there is a smorgasboard of information in there.

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