Crossover Australia 2007

February 16-21, 2007

Following on from the success of Crossover Australia 2003, the South Australian Film Corporation, and the Adelaide Film Festival are calling for applications for Crossover Australia 2007.

Crossover Australia is a creative think tank that brings together independent artists, writers, filmmakers and new media producers with the aim of developing innovative digital and interactive projects. With the growth of broadband access and a plethora of emerging distribution platforms as a backdrop, Crossover Australia is a creative incubator devoted to building new forms of interactivity, such as true interactive television applications, IP and mobile TV content or even story-telling and programming inspired by RPGs (role playing games).

Over the course of five days, participants are immersed in a series of activities where the primary goal is the development of conceptual prototypes for groundbreaking interactive projects.

3 thoughts on “Crossover Australia 2007

  1. Hi, I’m currently doing my honours at the University of Western Australia and am now a regular at this blog. I’ve been clicking around and researching all day and found an abstract to, “How the Internet is Holding the Centre of the Narrative Universe”. Is there any way I can view the full article?

  2. Hello Christina, welcome! I’ve had a few requests for that paper and I am happy to pass it on to you. I’ve only just submitted it though so I want to wait a little to make sure it is in/it is a bit closer to the event. I’ll keep your email address and pass it on then. Also, I see from your blog that you’re looking at fictocriticism. That is something we’ve spoken a bit about at another blog I’m on that I co-edit: Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  3. thank you so much – absolutely no rush at all for the article but it would be great.

    I did come across the WRT site a week ago and love it.

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