ARG/PuzzleHunt/UrbanGaming: Waking City

September 16 – 29, 2006
Waking City is a game unlike any other game you’ve ever played. Its setting is your everyday life. It takes place over phone calls, e-mails and letters — but more than anything, it takes place on the streets of Toronto. For two weeks in September, teams of 5-10 players will pound the pavement, solving fiendish puzzles, uncovering Toronto’s secret history, and interacting with the agents of a vast and ancient conspiracy. They’ll feel the tug of mystery, the fun of exploration, and thrill of being part of a dynamically unfolding plot.

We combine the story-driven mystery of alternate reality games, the frenetic intensity of puzzle hunts, and the passion for public spaces of urban gaming. We love this city, and we want to celebrate it with you in a fresh and fun way. This is a game that will get you out exploring, seeing parts of Toronto you’ve never seen before, and making you see even your own neighbourhood in a new light.

They’ve got a blog sharing the development of it.

Ace Tony Walsh is working on it.

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