ARGN Netcast

The Alternate Reality Gaming Network has started a podcast, well, netcast. It looks like they will be delivering ARG commentary every week, which is great news. Although the style of the show is casual, subjective chat, there are some gems for would-be ARG designers, researchers and marketers out there. So far there are two episodes up. Good luck ARGN! I should get off my butt and publish my podcast which is just waiting to be released. News very soon. I promise.

Check out the ARGN Netcast.

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  2. They’re calling it a netcast… I think netcasts would refer to live streaming. It’s really a “Podcast” (which you correctly named) and can be subscribed to and downloaded. I have subscribed to it. It should be interesting.

  3. I know, they explain (sort of) in the first episode why they call it a netcast. I’m not convinced. Terms are there to communicate. Podcast communicates quickly what they’re doing. Netcast just adds confusion and misunderstanding.

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