An innovative cross-media TV show

I’ve spoken about ARGs many times, and I’ve thought about having a TV series involved in an ARG, but now a group of producers are creating THE ‘alternate reality’ mix: a reality TV show about creating an ARG. Project Game Light will be launched in 2006. Here is the description:

Project Game Light : The first contest of its kind, blurring the lines between Reality TV, Game Development and Alternate Reality Gaming. Contestants and viewers will get a firsthand, real-time taste of the challenges of the creation of an actual game in an exciting new hybrid form of entertainment.

Project Game Light will feature three teams of amateur alternate reality game creators, or puppet masters (PMs), as they struggle to make an ARG under the strict budget and scheduling constraints of a commercial project. Project Game Light’s audience will be allowed and encouraged to interact with the teams and the events of the contest itself, by suggesting in-game situations, puzzles, and other game elements to be included in each team’s ARG.

Here is the call for sign-ups:

Do you think it would be fun to be a professional game designer or really cool to be on a reality TV show like Survivor or Big Brother? Project Game Light might just be your chance to live out both of these dreams, at the same time!
* Project Game Light is the first contest of its kind, combining the very best and most exciting aspects of Reality TV, Game Development, and Alternate Reality Gaming.
* But Project Game Light is groundbreaking in another way, too. Project Game Light is a new and truly unique hybrid form of entertainment. It’s not just a videotaped show made for the Internet, or an Internet contest with video elements. Instead, Project Game Light combines the immediacy and emotional drama of the reality TV show format with the interactivity and pervasiveness of a multimedia narrative marketing campaign. […]
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You don’t have to wait for Project Game Light to actually begin to start building your relationships with other Project Game Light and ARG fans. The Project Game Light IntroNetwork is available right now. Click here to sign up today!

I’ve signed up. I’d like a front-row seat on this one (as close as I can get without being seen though).

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