I consult on projects with production companies (independent and large-scale), agencies, and brands.

Consulting can be remote and/or on-site.

I only work with clients who are already committed to interactivity and/or cross-media. I don’t sell interactivity or cross-media to you, and I don’t assist you to sell it internally in your company. I work with intermediate and advanced creatives, and committed beginners.

I am interested in using what I’ve learnt to help your project have more resonance with yourself, your team, and your audience/players.


Narrative Design, Interactive Writing, Game Design

I am fresh eyes for working creatives, and a guide for genres or formats you’re not as conversant in. Areas of interest include emotion design, theme and structure alignment, theme and mechanics alignment, and transformational design.

Some Clients:

Cross-Media Strategy, Writing & Design

I do retroactive cross-media when you’re extending existing projects, pre- and post-experiences, and immersive events; as well as proactive cross-media when you’re developing a multi-artform project from the beginning.

Some Clients:

  • Nokia (FIN), for their global alternate reality game and full campaign experience Conspiracy for Good
  • iFodder Content Creators (AUS), to extend their online TV series Hunter n Hornet, supported by Screen Australia
  • Instinct Entertainment (AUS), for their feature film franchise in development Lycan
  • Emergence Pictures (USA), to extend their feature documentary The Red Tail
  • Wieden+Kennedy (USA), I did preparation research and strategy for a pitch
  • Big Daddy’s Chicks (USA), to extend their Facebook game Coldwar Clambake
  • Soapstream (AUS), for their GrimeStoppers serious game and campaign extending their Soapstream product
  • Director Alison Richards (AUS), to design a pre-experience for her theatre production The Book of Revelations, La Mama Theatre
  • Write This Down (UK), to extend their online documentary Awra Amba
  • End of the World Entertainment (USA), to extend their feature film Self Helpless


Responses to materials you supply, with recommended approaches.

Story-breaking Retreats/Conferences/Sessions

Participating in the early development of the idea in an intensive, with preliminary materials shared before to inform the process.

Writer’s Room

Participating in the development of the scripts and design documents with key creative leads.


Most of my work comes from recommendations, and the work I do is often under NDA at the time. So I don’t have many testimonials. Here are some for now, and more available privately on request.

“ChristyDena is consulting for OpenIndie! She’s brilliant. Take advantage of this great op now!”

Ted Hope, Producer, Adventureland, 21 Grams

“There are few things I would recommend more highly than getting her input on transmedia possibilities as early in the film making process as possible. What Christy does is show you how to use transmedia strategies to build your audience, and ultimately make more money from your film (something we can all get behind). Self Helpless is about as low budget and DIY as you can be, and we thought we were really on top of all the cutting edge distribution strategies. Christy blew us away with a list of ideas that were innovative, and completely viable on our budget. Christy is one of those rare people that actually wants to help your film succeed!” [Read Patrick’s full online testimonial]

Patrick Cassidy, Executive Producer, Self Helpless Movie

“I just wanted to say how very useful your feedback has been on the [CONFIDENTIAL] project. As you know its been a challenging one, and we have a long way to go, but your help has been invaluable. Thank you.  Your comments are very clear and constructive, and show what the next stage could be. Once again, Im really grateful for your input. I can see the thought and care you have taken to assist us. It has been very helpful. Hope to continue working with you, if we go the next stage….its quite a learning curve!”

Sonya Pemberton, Pemberton Films

If you’re keen to explore interactive or cross-media consulting for your project, email me at