Multi-platform Distribution talk @ next MEDIA

Keynot address by Clint Stinchcomb, Senior Vice President of New Media, Discovery Communications, at the nextMEDIA event.

Stinchcomb will deliver his address, titled ?Distribution in the Post-Modern Multi-Platform Universe? to nextMEDIA delegates on Day 3 of the event (June 11). He will explore how programmers must position themselves to build strategies and financial models for emerging digital distribution. Stinchcomb?s address will also examine how the market is currently responding to these strategies and how they are being monetized.

?Discovery is a leader in creating multi-platform new media content and services for mobile, wireless and broadband,? said Robert Montgomery, CEO of nextMEDIA. ?We are thrilled that Clint will demonstrate to our delegates the best ways to position their brands in this era of digital content distribution.?

4 thoughts on “Multi-platform Distribution talk @ next MEDIA

  1. Hey Evan! I should of mentioned that the whole theme of the event is multi-platform strategies (for my blog readers). I wasn’t sure if they were just talking about repurposing but with you being there that is a definate no. I loved the ‘Inside the Net’ podcast interview with you. They got so excited. I felt like yelling from my desk, “yeah, we’re all excited by cross-media, it is THE WAY!!”. But then I settled back down again and just smiled alot. 🙂 I see too, through your personal site, that you’ve lectured at Habitat, that would of been great I’m sure too. Keep up the amazing work Evan. 🙂

  2. You should come Christy! There has to be an academic travel grant just begging to send you to the Rocky Mountains. The panel is on ‘The Audience You Don’t Know’ which will feature all sorts of niche audiences. It will be hard to inform them that the cross-media audience is becoming less and less niche all the time.

  3. “I’ve packed and am on my way!” Gee, I wish I could say that. 🙂 You’ll have to tell me all about it. And I agree, cross-media audiences are far from niche. It is the way audiences are using media these days. But more to the point is how utilisation of the different platforms and formats can address the media preferences of each person. Personalisation! Cross-media Universes (that is, a continuing property or what the old-school tried to do with franchises!) target many niche audiences and so burst into each other and form new mass audiences!

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