Game Connect: Industry Conference in Oz

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Game Connect: Asia Pacific aims to draw international attention and attendance from global game publishers and investors, Asia Pacific game developers and educational institutions and key media.

The event’s primary focus is the improvement and advancement of the region’s game developers, including Australia, New Zealand and the Asian territories (primarily Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, China, Hong Kong Vietnam, Philippines and New Zealand). To achieve this, the event will feature lectures, educational seminars and keynote speeches from international game developers, publishers and software providers.

The GDAA believes that an industry led and run conference will deliver a more focused and dynamic forum for networking and business development. It will also be responsive to the three major challenges facing the industry right now. These are the need to:

  • manage the transition to next generation
  • share best practice and further up skill our talent, and
  • build partnerships with publishers and our Asia Pacific neighbours.

The Game Connect: Asia Pacific Conference Vision is to:

  • Connect developers and publishers, allowing them to network/make friendships, and
  • Share knowledge and best practice.

The Game Connect: Asia Pacific Conference themes are:

  • Managing Next Gen
  • Production and Design
  • Outsourcing/Partnering

The Game Connect: Asia Pacific target audiences are:

  • Local game development community
  • Asia Pacific development community
  • International publishers
  • Educational institutions/teachers
  • Students/new recruits
  • Investors
  • Media (specialist)
  • Entertainment industry players .

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