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FORWARD/STORY (Forward Slash Story) is a by-application 3 day residential lab that takes place in different locations around the world each year. In 2014 we ran a lab at The Hamptons, USA, and in 2015 we held the lab in Nosara, Costa Rica, May 15, 16, 17 & 18th. It is a special lab for writers and designers who work in uncharted territories to share their journey, techniques, socialize, collaborate, and solve problems.

The lab is co-founded and directed by myself and Lance Weiler. It is supported with sponsorship from Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab, and in 2014 by Squarespace.

2015 Participants
Hank Blumenthal
Steve Bull
Caitlin Burns
Ana Domb
Caitlin Fisher
Trevor Haldenby
Mark Harris
Lee-Sean Huang
Jamie King
Claire Marshall
Matthew C. Mills
Rosie Poebright
Steve La Rue
Marc Ruppel
Fan Sissoko
Simon Staffans
Ruth Tauber
Ken Eklund (alumni)

2014 Participants
Stuart Candy
Brian Clark
Alexa Clay
Richard Dansky
Ken Eklund
David Fono
Sarah Fornace
Nick Fortugno
Jan Libby
Heidi McDonald
Michael Premo
Rachel Falcone
Steve Peters
Noel Patrick Qualter
Oscar Raby
Gabe Smedresman
Lina Srivastava
Illya Szillak
Michael Webster
Paul Zuccotti

Press & Participant Posts about the experience:


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