Deletions, and Other Pleasures

Deletions,  and other pleasures is an online story using remix, where you’re a doctor who heals robots through deleting files. It was an invited piece for the inaugural publication of Deletions: the open access online forum of science fiction studies, edited by Chris Moore and Sean Redmond.


Committed to writing about science fiction in all its forms and modes of operation, Deletion will invite contributions from those writing about science fiction from a literary, philosophical, artistic, scientific, aural, televisual, games, and cinematic context.

I chose to respond with a creative work. I give some background to the development of the piece and choice of platform at the main site. It was launched Oct 1st 2013. The editors describe my project as follows:

Christy Dena’s online-remix-narrative takes iconic images of popular culture and builds with them a strange world where the human fallibility is programmatically deleted. Both dystopic and playful, Dena’s work is an ironic reimagining of pleasure as a state of robotic flatlining, using tropes of science fiction to critique processes of social normalisation and increasing alienation from emotionality.

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