Cross Media Publishing House

On the 1st of April 2006, Foreign Media Group opened a cross medial publishing house in Amsterdam. Very exciting, it is this sort of studio approach that lends itself to true cross-media production. But it only works if talented people are also located in the same building, rather than being distributed across companies, in different countries!

The building is to become the home of the publishing companies Pimento, Rothschild and Bach, Uitgeverij 521, TM Publishers, Truth and Dare, HvR (Heleen van Royen) and Carry Slee, and of the magazine publishers Foreign Media Magazines and the music publishers Foreign Media Music (both classic music labels as well as pop music labels). In addition, the licensing and merchandising company LicenseConnection and Foreign Media Group will be housed in the Amsterdam establishment.

Foreign Media Group will open its own theatre in the basement of the new property. Foreign Media Group?s publishing companies will stage theatre performances, film-viewings, music evenings, and other events in this theatre.

Foreign Media Group is an international publishers group that operates in various fields of the media. Foreign Media Books has a unique position in the market with sixteen publishing companies, each with its own expertise. Reading, looking and listening in all possible genres from classic to contemporary and aimed at both children and grown-ups ? Foreign Media Group focuses on a wide range of media products. The publications of Foreign Media Books are music CD?s, books, audio books, magazines, feature films, DVD?s, documentaries, games, and CD-ROM?s.

The publishing vision anticipates different media products and possible combinations. Foreign Media Group sets itself the target of investing as deeply as possible in creativity and rights and publishing platform independently.

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