Card to Game Influence

I really like this example of a real world product (I’ve been advocating tangible products in transmedia properties for a long time which many forget — but we all seem to forget radio for some reason?!) that Ivan Askwith discovered at ComiCon:

– An interesting product from Mattel called HyperScan which combines collectible card games and video games in a hybrid very similar to projects we’ve discussed in our own department. Core video game play is enhanced through the acquisition of trading cards with RFID tags embedded in them, which “unlock” additional character abilities and powers. This presents a new variation on the transmedia we’re used to, and hints at an interesting economic model with the same core principles as the “gotta collect em all” ideology which drives “pokemonetization” — the difference here being that the acquisition of additional items results in a more tangible difference to the gameplay experience.

Oh, and this note:

One last Alias ARG? Free promotional posters and the “authentic Rimbaldi box” from Alias were on hand to promote what Buena Vista Home Entertainment representatives described as “the complete Alias boxed set”, which will be released in a package designed to look like the artifact from the show. However, given the cryptic nature of the poster — a picture of the box, a URL , and a phrase “Missing for Centuries: A Challenge Awaits You. A Journey Begins.” — I suspected it might be involved in a larger promotional campaign with ARG-esque elements. No one at the booth knew anything about this, and registering at the website appears to give access to an “exclusive wallpaper download.” If they’re smart, it would be nice to see one last ARG tied into this; if not, well, I still wrote about it, so I suppose they got what they wanted.

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