I give talks sharing key insights that have changing my practice, and life. Companies, organisations and events I have given talks for include:

  • Microsoft
  • Nokia
  • ABC
  • ACMI
  • Australian Literature Board
  • Australian Writers’ Guild
  • Australian Digital Alliance
  • Australia Society of Authors
  • ACT Filmmakers Network
  • The Documentary Organization of Canada
  • International Women in Digital Media Summit, Canada
  • Transmedia Hollywood, LA
  • Game Developers Conference, San Francisco
  • Sweden Games Conference, Skovde
  • iMedia Brand Summit
  • TEDx Transmedia, Switzerland
  • Cinekid, Amsterdam
  • Cartoons on the Bay, Italy
  • London Film Festival
  • Melbourne Film Festival
  • Australian Film Festival
  • Revelations Film Festival
  • Melbourne Writer’s Festival
  • Sydney Writer’s Festival
  • Brisbane Writer’s Festival
  • Emerging Writer’s Festival
  • Freeplay Independent Games Festival
  • Festival of Ideas, Adelaide
  • Oz Comi Con…

Also multiple universities around the world. 



“As someone who attend almost every GDC since 2005 – it’s hard to continue to find content that is meaningful to me. Christy’s talk was just that, great take aways, great presentation and slide deck.”

“Totally dug the style and vibe of this speaker.”

“Great talk on an under discussed aspect of fan engagement. Filled to the brim with great examples and well-delivered information, this is a talk I look forward to going back and watching again.”

“This presentation was filled with mind blowing useful information that was clear and easy to understand. Love the art from the slides. Speaker knew what she was talking about. Definitely invite back!”

“Thanks for a really informative and inspiring two days, and thanks for the book. This isn’t just lip service – it was one of the best delivered screen industries labs/workshops I’ve been to.”

If you’re keen to book me for your event, email me at christy@universecreation101.com.