A new service I am now offering, in contrast to my Consulting and Labs, is cross-media mentoring for teams.These are strategy, writing and design skills for cross-media, transmedia, multi-platform, multi-artform projects.

The skill development focus is on how to think as a cross-artform creative so you can:

  • Recognise and assess cross-media opportunities in existing projects (retroactive design)
  • Conceive and develop cross-media projects from the outset (proactive design)
  • Make business model and marketing decisions that align with the audience/player experience

Here are some talks and articles that show some of my approach:

Mentoring can include:

  • Worldbuilding (methods to write & design a multi-artform concept from the ground up)
  • Extension Analysis (everything you need to know about an existing project to extend it)
  • Traversal Journey (every stage you need to address in the audience/player experience)
  • Extension Application (strategies and techniques to extend your project after the analysis is done)
  • Traversal Promises (setting up and meeting expectations for crossing media)
  • Traversal Flow (recognising all the points-of-entry and designing for coherence)

Note that teams that do the full Extension Track will have then have enough skills to then develop your own proactive/multi-artform-native projects too.

If you’re keen to explore cross-media mentoring for your team, email me at