Interviewed for Cara Ellison’s Embed with Games

Game journalist (at the time) and writer Cara Ellison flew to Australia to interview myself and my artist (Marigold Bartlett) about my game dev work for ‘Embed With Games…’

As your ‘cyberpunk hair-dyed Attenborough’, originally Cara put up the Embed With Games series monthly on a free blog as she travelled from couch to couch, writing about the people she met and about the way our game creators express the culture around them. This is the collected work, called ‘Embed With Games’, with an exclusive introduction from Kieron Gillen, a cover from comics artist Irene Koh, and a conclusion exclusive to the ebook. From London to Los Angeles, from the Netherlands to Malaysia to Japan to Australia, the book reveals how people involved in games are taking what they see around them and expressing it in digital playgrounds for other people to experience. An emotional, weird, sometimes intimate experience, this is open ribcage writing about the side of making video games most people don’t see or know about.