‘Game On: Copyright and Digital Media’ for Copyfight

Really pleased to have a contribution in this great book called ‘Copyfight’ edited by Phillipa McGuinness. Phillipa asked me to write about copyright and digital projects, and so I share my experiences with NDAs and writing contracts for freelancers I employ. But there are tons of fascinating essays in there all firing up the copyright debate. I will be at the Brisbane launch this Friday night at Avid!

“We expect to be able to log on and read, watch or listen to anything, anywhere, anytime. Then copy it, share it, quote it, sample it, remix it. Does this leave writers, designers, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, artists, and software and game developers with any rights at all? Have we forgotten how to pay for content? Are big corporations and copyright lawyers the only ones making money? Or are we looking in the wrong direction as illegal downloading becomes the biggest industry of all and copyright violation a way of life?”

Dena, C. (2015) “Game On: Copyright and Digital Media,” in McGuiness, P. (ed.). Copyfight, Sydney: UNSW Press, pp.49-53.