Extended Experiences Lab

The Extended Experiences Lab is a workshop and commissioned immersive events around films. In partnership with the West End Film Festival, and funded by Screen Queensland and Universe Creation 101, the lab will commission creative teams to extend a selection of finalists at the festival. Those teams will create a pre- or post-experience around a film. Films include features, shorts, animations, experimental, documentary and music video. Any creatives can also apply to do the workshop too, where they can learn how to extend their creative project (whether it is film or not).

Crafting Intangibles


Crafting Intangibles is an online international and local event exploring interactive narrative design, being held on June 10th-11th, 2017. The event is sponsored by Screen Queensland, and features some of the most accomplished and inspiring creatives who will help clarify and stretch our understanding of narrative design.

Speakers include Brie Code (Child of Light, Assassin’s Creed, Company of Heroes), Peter Dunne (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Melrose Place, JAG), Brian Upton (Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon), Chris Avellone (Planescape: Torment, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Fallout (2 and New Vegas), and many others. The videos will feature new perspectives and an activity prompt. Everyone can join in online for the event, and a special local event will be held in Brisbane, Australia. Tickets at http://www.CraftingIntangibles.co


Transmedia Victoria

Transmedia Victoria
Transmedia Victoria was a special one-time only event held on 27th and 28th of January 2011 focused entirely on transmedia. Transmedia professionals from around the world and Australia came together with directors, artistic directors, writers, designers, producers, and project managers in film, TV, theatre, gaming, music, literature and digital sectors. I curated the audience as well as the speakers by setting up an application process and (more importantly) personally inviting creatives from many artistic disciplines. I guided the speakers to pitch their talks at intermediate-level, with no financial justifications for working in transmedia. Due to the different interests of the funding bodies, I included talks about writing, design, producing, business; local and international; TV, film, theatre, and gaming; males and females.

I was commissioned to curate and run the event by the Australia Council of the Arts (along with Eve Penford-Dennis who was the project manager from Freeplay). Part of my brief was to get as many funding bodies on board as possible. Fortunately, after months of discussions, all of the funding bodies came together to invest — the first time they had joined forces for such an event. Partners include Screen Australia, Arts Victoria, Film Victoria, Multimedia Victoria, and the ABC. Venue partners include ACMI and the State Library of Victoria, and supporters include AIMIA and Game Developers Association of Australia.

  • Main website: TransmediaVictoria
  • Links to presentations by Flint Dille (USA), Steve Peters (No Mimes Media, USA), Stephanie Salter (ABC), Andra Sheffer (Canada), Kerrin McNeil (Hoodlum, QLD), Sue Maslin (Vic), Mick Luibinskas (Pollenizer, Syd), Jordan Green (Melb Angels, Vic), and Michel Reilhac (France): Media