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‘Some Things I’ve Learned about Transmedia Worldbuilding’ for Meanland

Article commissioned by Meanland (Meanjin & Overland Literary Journals). I wrote it about ‘Some Things I’ve Learned about Transmedia Worldbuilding‘. “If you’re playing transmedia bingo, ‘worldbuilding’ scores 10 points and one of those little jelly desserts from the kitchen. It

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‘TEST TEST TEST Transmedia’ for In Media Res

Invited contribution to Elizabeth Strickler’s (Georgia State University) curated theme of ‘Transmedia Now’ for In Media Res: In this 1972 documentary, The Computer Generation, by John Musilli, artist Stan Vanderbeek talks about the possibility of computers as an artist tool. My

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‘Emerging Participatory Culture Practices: Player-Created Tiers in Alternate Reality Games’ for Convergence

This paper introduces an emerging form of participatory culture, one that is not a modification or elaboration of a primary producer’s content. Instead, this paper details how the artifacts created to ‘play’ a primary producer’s content has become the primary

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‘Playing the Moon: Christy Dena on the Fate of New Media Art’ for Real Time Arts

Commissioned review/article on the panel ‘What happened to new media art?’ chaired by Darren Tofts at the 4th Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment. ON THE LAST DAY OF THE FOURTH AUSTRALASIAN CONFERENCE ON INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT AT RMIT IN MELBOURNE DARREN

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‘Online Augmentation to Emerging Participatory Culture Practices: Player-Created Tiers in Alternate Reality Games’ for Convergence

An essay and accompanying minisite about different layers of player interaction in ARGs. The minisite is an online augmentation of an essay published in the Feb 2008 issue (vol 14, no 1) of Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media

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Anti-Hoaxing Strategies and the TINAG Fallacy

A few days ago I published a post highlighting one possible reason why alternate reality games are perceived as hoaxes by some, and posited one strategy to circumvent the problem. The point seemed to caused a little confusion, as some


‘Patterns in Cross-Media Interaction Design: It’s Much More Than a URL’ for Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Crossmedia Interaction Design

Content can be repurposed, adapted and stretched across platforms. A story can start in one medium and finish in another. How are audiences moved between platforms, and how can one make this traversal a part of the entertainment experience itself?

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