Hello! I’m Christy Dena.

I’m in my mid-40s, and run my own studio Universe Creation 101, run international labs, and teach remote practice. I used to be a Chair and Department Coordinator of Games; producer of websites, CD-Roms, digital effects for TVCs; and actor in theatre and TV. I’m currently in Brisbane and will be moving back to Melbourne, Australia in a few months.

For years I’ve been making creative projects, researching, teaching, all to try and get better at making the kind of works that I want to make, that affect the world. I’ve always seen it as a marathon, as a long road. I wasn’t after quick attention. I wanted to make works that resonate and I knew that took time.

To be honest, I’ve not just been waiting for myself, I’ve been waiting for the world. I don’t seem to fit with “the way things are,” and so I’ve been working on myself and with those around me, and waiting for some big event when we can all be who we really are.

But as the years have ticked along, I’ve realised that big day isn’t going to happen. I need to step forward now in the midst of the seemingly everyday. Time to live my calling. Time to be all-in.

So how do I create the kinds of projects that go against “the way things are”? I have found ways. I have searched high and low, found studies and insights across time and areas of interest. I have found ways we can do what we’re here to do.

I’m here to live my multi-artform creative life, with works that pave the way for new ways of thinking and seeing. That help create the next world.

I want to share what I’ve discovered with you too. So I’m writing a book, with accompanying design kit, I’m blogging, and starting up my newsletter again. Join me, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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