Universe Creation 101 is about creating playful stories.

Universe Creation 101 is headed by Christy Dena, a writer-designer-director who has worked on award-winning pervasive games, film, digital and theatre projects. Clients include Nokia, Cisco/No Mimes Media,  ABC,  Wieden+Kennedy, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Noah Falstein, Ken Eklund & Agency of Coney, and more. 

Christy has been granted Australia’s first Digital Writing Residency at The Cube for her project “Robot University,” thanks to the Australia Council for the Arts and QUT. In 2012, she was the “Digital Writing Ambassador” for the Emerging Writers Festival; and a prototype of her web audio adventure “AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS” was Finalist for “Best Writing in a Game” Award at the Freeplay Independent Gaming Festival. Christy co-wrote “The Writers Guide to Making a Digital Living” for the Australian Literature Board. She is co-founder with Lance Weiler of a forthcoming residential lab for storytellers working in tech: Forward Slash Story.

She has given keynotes and presentations at film, tech, writing, and gaming festivals worldwide. She has mentored industry professionals around the world; has written numerous articles on writing and design; been published in numerous books; and wrote the first PhD on Transmedia Practice. 

She is Professor Adjunct at Creative Industries, QUT; Game Design Lecturer at SAE Brisbane; a Member of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmys); Member of the Australian Directors Guild; and a Board Member of the Entertainment Technology Press (ETC).

Christy blogs about articles and presentations on her personal website, shares articles and videos she finds interesting on Pinterest; and she used to share war stories at You Suck At Transmedia.

Hi-res photo of Christy can be downloaded from this page.

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